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Christian Strength regarding Doctrinal and Practical Conviction

Pray for Christian fortitude and conviction in this difficult time of society’s growing disapproval of Christianity. (2 Tim. 1.1-14; Heb. 10-19-25)...

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Godly Church Government, under Christ

Pray for Church Government in the Visible Church according to Scripture, godliness and uprightness. (1 Timothy 3.1-16; Titus 1.1-16)...

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Confidence in the Lord’s Mercy, forgiving sin, giving repentance.

Pray for the people of God, for confidence in prayer, asking according to His will. (John 16.23-27, 1 John 5.1-21)...

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Ministerial Oversight, Accountability, Correction, and Humility

Pray for Ministers of the Word, for oversight with godliness, for purity in doctrine and practice. (1 Timothy 5.17; Titus 1.10-16)...

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