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Faith for the Church in Difficult Times

Faith for the Church in Difficult Times: 
Pray that the Church would stand committed to the Lord and His Word in times of persecution and affliction. (2 Chronicles 20.1-30; Acts 4.5-31)

  1. Pray that the church would not succumb to the shouts and threats of the world when she stands for righteousness, and against sin, that her witness would be consistent, light-bearing, and with meekness and fear. (1 Peter 3.16-17)
  2. Pray that the Church would not fear to follow Christ, but being committed to Him, would rejoice to be counted worthy to suffer insult and persecution for his Name. (Acts 5.41-42)
  3. Pray that the church would seek to know right and wrong, darkness and light, that which is good, and that which is evil, from the Word of God, understanding and interpreting the Bible rightly, with the help of God’s Spirit, that she might stand against the evils of this age with confidence in the Lord. (Isaiah 8.16-22)
  4. Pray that the church would lead the world around her with that direction from the Word of God, that the way of the Lord, even when evil spoken of, might be seen as that light yoke of Christ, and the way to life, that the people of God might lead with example in holiness before the watching world. (1 Thessalonians 4.9-12; Deuteronomy. 4.5-8)
  5. Pray that the Church would rally to Christ, and with one another, that she might present a unified front before the world’s evils, witnessing to the love we have for the Lord, which draws us together in unity as we obediently serve Him, refusing all divisive courses.. (Acts 4.23-31; 12.5-19)
  6. Pray that the people of God would prefer the reproach of Christ to all the treasures and approval of this world, that we would seek to be faithful servants of His, rather than friends of the world, bearing His reproach. (Hebrews 13.13)
  7. Pray that with the world’s afflictions and persecution the Church would hear the voice of the Great Shepherd in these works, taking the opportunity for self-examination, repentance, greater dedication to heavenly things, and a closer walking with the Lord in all His ways, seeking not deliverance, but reformation and holiness. (Hebrews 12.3-14)
  8. Pray that the Lord would preserve and defend the Church against her enemies, which are too strong for her alone, that he would refine her as silver in every affliction, that she would look to the Lord in all trouble, and that the Lord would turn all our sorrows and grief to good for us, and glory for Himself. (Psalm 18.17; 35.10; Isaiah 48.9-15)
  9. Pray that the Lord would grant patience to His persecuted people, that they might endure hardship, that in patience they might win their souls, suffering as Christ also suffered. (Luke 21.14-19)