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Galeton Community Church also recommends the following sites for additional information, however is not associated with any of these sites. As always, all external information must be compared against the authority of Scripture for validity and conformation to the Word of God.

  • Trinitarian Bible Society, founded in 1831 with the principal aim of promoting the Glory of God and the Increase of His Kingdom.
  • Whitefield Theological College & Seminary teaches the doctrines of the Reformation, believing that Gods sovereign will governs all of mankind, and that all of history is the working out of His eternal plan:
  • Reformed Perspective whose mission is "To promote a Biblically Reformed perspective in all spheres of life by equipping and encouraging Christians to think, speak, and act in a manner consistent with their confession:
  • Meet the Puritans who shares the writings of the 16th–18th centuries so that a new generation will be filled with love for Christ and his historic church so that it might serve him in the world more effectively:
  • The Puritan Board is a forum dedicated to the discussion of Christian theology in a Confessionally Reformed context:
  • Banner of Truth Trust is a Christian organisation which publishes books, organises conferences, and publishes a monthly magazine. As an organisation, while being interdenominational in outlook their doctrinal standards are best summed up by the Westminster Confession. They believe in Biblical Christianity, and if have to be labelled, they would be thought of as a reformed, Calvinistic, conservative evangelical publisher: