sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Preaching as the Means of Conversion, with Gospel urgency.

Pray that the people of God would not receive the grace of God in vain, but would turn to the Lord in truth. (2 Corinthians 5.16-7.1)

  1. Pray that ministers and other elders would be diligent in prayer for the souls of their people, that the Lord would be pleased to call them to Himself, keep them in Christ, unto growth in grace, knowledge, and holiness. (Colossians 1.9-11)
  2. Pray that ministers, in their preaching, would speak of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and the need everyone has to come to Christ for forgiveness of sins, to call upon His Name, and to leave off their former life enslaved to sin and base desire, preaching fearlessly, not fearing men, but God. (Galatians 1.6-10; 4.12-31)
  3. Pray that after opening those Gospel wounds, that ministers would pour in the balm of Christ, and give Him as the medicine for dying souls, that the Lord would be pleased by foolishness of preaching, to save those that would believe by His mercy and calling. (Zechariah 13.1-6)
  4. Pray for the people of God, that they would rid themselves of the psychological, the self-help, the personal improvement, the power of positive thinking, having their best life now, being all they can be, all in the fallen and worldly sense of those terms, and that they would know Christ and Him crucified as their highest good. (Psalm 73.21-28; 1 Corinthians 2.2)
  5. Pray for those that grow up in the Church, that their familiarity with the message of the Gospel would not make it “common” to them, but that by the grace of the Lord Jesus their hearts might also be changed, and turn to the Lord for eternal life, justification, sanctification, and all other saving graces. (John 5.31-47)
  6. Pray that the people of God would not be presumptuous, but would hear the preaching of Christ, examine themselves whether they be in the faith, and that the Lord would make good his promises to them in the means of grace, as they turn from carnal presumption, to reverent fear of the Lord. (1 Peter 1.13-23)
  7. Pray for an end of complacency and lukewarmness in the things of God among the people of God, that the Lord and His Word and ways would rise to the top of their priority and affection, calling upon Him in everything. (Matt. 6.33)
  8. Pray that searching sermons would lead to searching of our hearts, that the comforts of the grace of God in Christ would give those sweet and faithful assurances of God’s promises made good to us in Christ, and the Word and Sacraments might have their saving effects among us, and that every affliction as well would lead to Christ. (Psalm 119.167; 139.23-24)