sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

The Pure Worship of the Lord

Pray for the Church in this land, that she would put away idols, superstition, and worship by the Word of God. (1 Corinthians 14.1-40 )

  1. Pray for the leaders of our Churches, that they would not bind the consciences of the people of God by introducing manmade ceremonies, superstitions, and elements into the worship of the Lord. (Jeremiah 23.31-32)
  2. Pray that Reformed Churches would honor their confessional commitments to the purity of worship, and turn away from human innovation and ceremony, remembering their vows to the Lord concerning how He is to be worshipped, according to His commands, giving no heed to tradition, antiquity, custom, supposed devotion, or good intent. (Isaiah 65.3)
  3. Pray that all pictorial and graven images, superstitious symbology, idolatrous stained glass, would be removed from the places where the Lord alone is to be worshipped, and served with all the heart, according to His Word. (Exodus 20.4-6)
  4. Pray that all drama, orchestral performance, special music performed by soloists, “liturgical dance” and all other kinds of entertainment would be removed from the worship services of the Churches as abominable encroachments upon the pure worship of God, being understood as will-worship. (Deuteronomy 12.30-32; Colossians 2.16-23)
  5. Pray that all human-authored hymnology would be removed from the Churches, and that the people of God would sing only the inspired Psalms of Scripture, according to the commandment of the Lord, teaching and admonishing one another according to His Word alone. (Psalm 105.2; Ephesians 5.19; Colossians 3.16)
  6. Pray for humility in our approach to the Lord, that we would desire not only a Biblical form, submitting to the Lord’s commands in His Worship, but coming also to serve Him, and not ourselves—that the Lord would grant new hearts of flesh to His people, worshipping Him in Spirit and truth. (John 4.23-26; Hebrews 13.15-16)
  7. Pray that God’s people would come prepared to offer the ordinances He commands unto Him, dedicating themselves to His service, for Him, according to His Word, and with great sincerity, joy, and focus. (Psalm 86.11)
  8. Pray that the Lord would tear down the false ceremonies and pretended holy days that men have foisted upon His Worship, stripping it back to the Biblical norm of the Sabbath as the only holy day of the New Testament Church. (Hebrews 4.9)
  9. Pray that the importance of worship would come to the fore as it did in the days of the reformation, that decisionalism, sacerdotalism, and other errors would be replaced by a love for God’s pure worship, that Churchmen would be reformminded teaching and leading the people of God to worship according to His Word. (Mark 7.1-8)