sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Thinking Covenantally, Kingdom-Oriented. (Psalm 149.1-9; 1 Cor. 6.1-11; Galatians 6.1-10)

Pray for the Professing Church, that she would take up her Kingdom, Militant stance against this world. (Psalm 149.1-9; 1 Cor. 6.1-11; Galatians 6.1-10)

  1. Pray that the people of God would not be driven in their commercial habits to a worldly consumerism, but that they would seek first the Kingdom of God even in the ways that they spend and save, seeking to advance the estate of fellow-believers as they have opportunity, preferring to trade with those of like faith when possible. (Galatians 6.10)
  2. Pray for the people of God, that following the injunctions of the Apostle in 1 Corinthians 6, that we would not form unholy dependencies upon the civil estate, but preferring the judgments and advancement of the wise in the Church, we would submit ourselves to the Lord and his people, preferring one another. (Philippians 2.14-15)
  3. Pray for the people of God, that we would be mindful of our mutual responsibilities one to another, such that we would take care of our own—in our families, in our covenantal relations in our particular churches, that those in our bounds would not be deprived of necessities, but cared for in our midst, out of a lively faith which works by love. (James 2.1-17)
  4. Pray that the people of God would “bear one another’s burdens” without creating unholy dependencies, helping one another, caring for one another, such that “every man may bear his own burden.” (Galatians 6.1-5)
  5. Pray for parents, that they would raise their children in this Kingdom, covenantal mindset, that our sons and daughters would not grow to think of the civil government as their provider or supply, would not be sinfully dependent upon the largess of others, but that we all might labor with our own hands, that we might have to give to others in their occasional need, not replacing responsibility, but providing for its proper use. (Ephesians 4.28)
  6. Pray that in our purchasing, commercial dealing, and other public business, that we would not unnecessarily enrich the enemies of Christ through inattention, convenience, or personal desire, but would put more thought into how we spend, so as to advance the interests of the Kingdom of God. (Proverbs 20.7-25)
  7. Pray for wisdom for the people of God, that seeing we cannot go out of the world, and will deal with unbelievers in this world, that we will do so in a way that is upright—not giving arms to our enemies, neither being disloyal to Christ and his Kingdom, but that we would know how to conduct ourselves in uprightness to those outside the Church. (Col. 4.5)