sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

The Mission of the Church

Pray for the Church, that she would focus upon her God-ordained mission in this world (Isaiah 49.1-26; Matthew 28.18-20; Ephesians 4.11-16)

  1. Pray that the Church would hear her King’s voice in understanding her mission in this world, and dedicate herself to that vision alone, turning away from human invention, plans, precepts, goals etc. that the Word of Christ might guide and direct her in all her work, bending her efforts to discipline all peoples. (Colossians 2.16-23)
  2. Pray that the Church would not be distracted from her mission to disciple all nations to other well-intended endeavors not within her Lord’s charter, but would place all her efforts and use all the means of Christ’s appointment to this end, with a single-hearted devotedness to Him. (Mattthew 28.18-20)
  3. Pray that in these Biblical endeavors, Biblical means would be employed, and that the Church would not follow worldly, commercial, business, or other models of procedure, but would recognize, under Christ, her unique constitution and government, and proceed as the spiritual Kingdom of Grace, with the message of the whole counsel of God. (Acts 20.27)
  4. Pray that as the Church should be a place for “all peoples of the world” that an upright doctrine of brotherhood across ethnic lines would be maintained, that the Church would promote that there is only one real division among men, which is, that there are some who know and follow the Lord, and others that do not. (Genesis 3.14-15; 25.23; Psalm 1)
  5. Pray for supply of a godly ministry by Christ to His Church, that the preaching of sin, righteousness, judgment, grace, mercy, and peace with God through Christ (aka the Whole Counsel of God) might push out other, and therefore sinful and lesser endeavors of social justice, economic prosperity, self-improvement, psycho-analysis, etc. (1 Corinthians 2.1-5)
  6. Pray for the elders of the Church, that they would with great circumspection watch over all the flock, including the Gospel ministry, that the leadership of the Church might, in its labors, promote the Church’s true mission from Christ, in its spirituality, ministering Christ and His Word alone, speaking where He speaks, unto her edification. (Philippians 3.8-10)
  7. Pray for the membership of the Churches, that in all things they may adorn their profession of Christ, adhering to their place and station in the mission of the Church, living as an example of holiness in this world, and having a ready answer for those who ask them of their hope in Christ, and supporting the ministry of the Gospel. (Titus 2.12; 1 Peter 3.15-17)
  8. Pray for the Church and civil authorities, that she would be law-abiding, submissive to lawful authority in the Lord, and that the Lord would grant her favor before civil leaders, that they would promote the well-being of the Church by their civil judgments, that righteousness might exalt those nations that protect the Church. (Proverbs 14.34; 1 Pet. 4.15-19)