sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Ministerial Oversight, Accountability, Correction, and Humility

Pray for Ministers of the Word, for oversight with godliness, for purity in doctrine and practice. (1 Timothy 5.17; Titus 1.10-16)

  1. Pray for the Gospel ministry, that the Lord would grant purity to His ministers and Elders, that the weight of their office would press upon them to the proper watching over their own souls, that they might lead the people of God in holiness, with good instruction, in the ways of God’s Word. (2 Corinthians 11.28)
  2. Pray that Elders would keep short accounts with one another, with candor, honesty, mutual confession of sin and weakness, with humility, Biblical judgment, to the purity of the ministry, for the edification of the Church. (Ephesians 4.11-17)
  3. Pray that there might be a proper judgment of erring ministers and elders, for their correction, repentance, reformation; that proper gravity would be given to grave matters, that those who show themselves disqualified would be removed, that those who need correction might be corrected, those who need encouragement encouraged, etc. (1 Timothy 19-21)
  4. Pray for those who examine and ordain ministers and elders, that they would not be hasty, seeking simply to fill a position, but that as those who will give account, that they will with great care exercise oversight, providing for the flock of Christ, that He would be pleased to send godly and competent laborers into the fields. (1 Timothy 5.22)
  5. Pray that ministers and elders would submit to one another, in the fear of the Lord, recognizing that this is how the Lord keeps the order in His Church in godliness, that they would be humble, seeking counsel from one another, encouraging, commending and correcting one another according to the Scriptures. (Galatians 2.1-21)
  6. Pray that ministers and elders especially, as leaders of the people in the Church, might live before the watching Lord with submission to His will, self-examination, confession and forsaking of sin, avoiding every appearance of evil, following that which is good and upright, training far from a false matter. (2 Timothy 2.22-26)
  7. Pray that those ministers of the Word would strive to show themselves the approved workmen of God, rightly dividing the Word of truth, pursuing their studies with diligence, tirelessness, taking great pains to preach the truth always, avoiding false and foul doctrine, commending themselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. (2 Corinthians 4.1-2)
  8. Pray that the ministers and elders of the Church would be men of prayer one for another, that the Lord would stir up His people to pray diligently for their ministers and elders, that the “sons of Levi” might be purified. (Mal. 3.3; Heb. 13.18)
  9. Pray that elders would set a good example at all times to their people. (1 Peter 5.1-4)