sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Godly Civil Government—our Upcoming Election

Pray for our citizenry, that we would look for uprightness in our leaders, and that we would not choose evil. (Deut. 16.18-20; 2 Samuel 23.1-7; Isa. 32.1-8 )

  1. Pray that as the people of this political estate, we would desire uprightness in all of our leaders, that we would consider moral qualifications over personal interest, that we would do the hard work of getting to know each candidate, choosing wisely, according to the commands and counsels of Scripture. (2 Samuel 23.3)
  2. Pray for repentance in our citizenry, that we would recognize the signs of judgment around us in temporal and spiritual decline, that ministers would rightly proclaim the truth concerning the moral and temporal evils that surround us, that we would call upon the Name of the Lord with weeping, fasting, rending our hearts and not our garments. (Joel 2.12-17) 
  3. Pray that there might be proper discipline and order in our civil assemblies, that those who are evil, those who take bribes, break their marriage and other vows, labor on behalf of themselves, refuse to serve their constituents, and partake of other moral failures would be censured, corrected, and removed as necessary—that the Lord would purge evil from our civil government, and in so doing, bring many of our leaders to humility and repentance. (2 Chronicles 33.1-20)
  4. Pray that the Lord would send laborers into the fields of our civil establishment, which are white to the harvest, that the He would reap in righteousness from those fields, convicting, converting, and consecrating and humbling many in civil authority to His Service, that they may learn to “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry. (Psalm 2.12; Matthew 9.37-38)
  5. Pray for the Church, that she might have a clear voice to her people, and to the world, regarding civic righteousness—that it must be Biblical, that there might be no conflict between the Church’s morality and civil morality—that in confessing the One true God, there might be One Standard of righteousness over all the land. (2 Chronicles 19.5-11)
  6. Pray that those unjust leaders, who refuse to be instructed by the Word of the Lord, or by proper wisdom and understanding according to the Lord’s good law, would be removed from their offices by being voted out, censured, or otherwise removed according to the Lord’s providential watching over this land for good. (2 Chronicles 21.12-20)
  7. Pray for wisdom in the election process, for an honest and upright tabulation, that all mischief would be exposed, and those responsible brought to justice, that an upright and just procedure of bringing candidates into office would be desired, and that the loyalty to party or person would pale in comparison to loyalty to Christ and His law. (2 Samuel 5.1-5)
  8. Pray that all would vote according to the Lord’s commands, not our own self-interest, or by sloth. (1 Cor. 10-24)