sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Civil Leaders, leading in Godliness and Wisdom

Pray for our leaders in this difficult time, for a commitment to Biblical morality and truth. (2 Samuel 23.1-7; Deut. 16.18-20; 17.14-20)

  1. Pray for the proceedings in the U.S. Congress, that our leaders would put aside party rancor and division, and together would pursue the truth, righteousness, and Biblical leadership, that they would learn to follow the Lord in all their decisions, that they would avoid selfish advancement, working truly for the good of those over whom they rule. (2 Samuel 23.1-7)
  2. Pray that personal, and self-interest would not govern our leaders, that they would not exalt themselves above others, that they would not use their office for personal advantage, but that they would remember that they will give account as God’s ministers for good to Him, that God judges among the gods. (Romans 13.1-8)
  3. Pray for candor, obedience to the 9th Commandment, and avoiding propagandizing and twisting the truth to fit a predetermined end, that our leaders would not tell lies, but would love the truth, hate covetousness, and govern sacrificially, spending and being spent. (Exodus 18.2; 2 Corinthians 12.15)
  4. Pray as well that our leaders would not be swayed by favors, bribes, and other advantage that would blind their eyes to the truth, but that the Lord would be pleased to root out those dishonest leaders without conviction. (Deuteronomy 16.19)
  5. Pray for our leaders, and all in authority, for a commitment to sacrificial service to their constituents, according to the rule of law, instead of self-promotion, giving heed to the commands of Christ. (Deuteronomy 17.16)
  6. Pray for the conversion of our leaders to Christ, and the sanctification and edification of all those who belong to Christ, and a proper use of all godly means to those ends, and for godly counselors for them. (1 Timothy 2.1-8)
  7. Pray for a proper disciplinary process, according to uprightness and honesty, that those leaders who violate their trust, take bribes, rule unjustly, with favor and affinity toward those who advance their self-interest, would be disciplined, and that the rest would see and be discouraged from a misuse of their office. (Deuteronomy 16.19-20; 1 Tim. 5.20)
  8. Pray that these United States would not be a war-mongering people, extending our military reach over the earth, but that we would have respect for the sovereignty of other nations, defend and protect our people at home primarily, protect our own borders, use our military strength for just causes only, in uprightness and godliness. (Deuteronomy 20.1-20)
  9. Pray that godliness and honesty would be encouraged and promoted by our citizenry, choosing candidates for moral uprightness, rather than for favor, that we would desire godliness first in our leaders. (Proverbs 12.24; 28.28; 29.2)