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The Ministry of the Word

Pray for Ministers of the Gospel: That they would preach the pure Word of God. (2 Timothy 3.10-4.8; Romans 10.12-21)

  1. Pray that ministers of the Word and sacraments would receive proper education and training in their labors, especially as they will handle the Word of God and be responsible to teach the flock of Christ His own Word—that they will not devolve to fables, trite stories, but would reveal the Word of the Lord to the people of the Lord. (2 Timothy 2.1-18)
  2. Pray that the people of God would not devolve in their desires to hear fables, but that they would, sincerely and vehemently desire to hear the Word of the Lord, departing from those ministers that promote the doctrines and commandments of men—that following the counsel of Christ, they would “let them alone.” (Matthew 15.10-20)
  3. Pray that ministers of the Word would love the Word of the Lord, and that their love for it would be contagious to the flock of Christ, that they might love it as well, that they would refuse the voice of strangers, and cleave to the Word of Christ. Pray that this “voice of strangers” would be rooted out of the Churches. (John 10.1-6)
  4. Pray that ministers would not treat the Scriptures as a dining buffet, preferring some things and avoiding others, but would teach all the counsel of God, not fearing the face of men, and if need be, to become that brazen wall before the people, that the Church might be reformed from her sins. (Jeremiah 15.15-21; Acts 20.27)
  5. Pray that the ministers would be free from the blood of all men, by warning the wicked of his way, that he might be saved, and by leading tenderly with the flock, not over-driving them to their hurt. Pray that the Lord would give wisdom to godly ministers to know the flock among which they labor, for God’s glory. (Ezekiel 3.1-21; Isaiah 61.1-3)
  6. Pray that ministers would do the hard work of understanding and interpretation—that they would rest upon the illumination of the Spirit of God, making use of the ordinary means they have been taught, that when they preach they would give the sense of the text, in keeping with the whole of Scripture. (2 Timothy 2.1-3; Nehemiah 8.1-8)
  7. Pray for proper order and discipline among the Gospel ministry, to the encouragement of those who do well, for the proper training of those who are to become ministers, and to the discipline and removal of those who do ill—that the eldership of our Church will keep a godly watch over the Gospel ministry as the power of God unto salvation. (1 Timothy 5.17-25)