sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Pray for a Saving Knowledge and confession of our sins.

Pray for the Professing Church, that she would acknowledge her sins, personally and collectively, and repent. (1 John 1.5-10; Jeremiah 14.1-22)

  1. Pray for searching sermons, revealing to the people of God their sins—pray for an end to “feel-good” preaching, pray for Biblical proportions of sin, righteousness, judgment, grace, mercy and peace from our pulpits, that the ministry would “cry
    aloud, spare not, lift up the voice as a trumpet, declaring to God’s people their sins. (Isaiah 58.1-2)
  2. Pray that the Lord would cure us of our presumption we would learn grief, and not indifference to our sins, that being humbled for them, we might magnify the mercy of God in Christ. (Psalm 38.18)
  3. Pray for a right exposition of the Law of God: That it pertains to the glory of God and is the expression of his own morality given with authority to human beings, as the terms of communion with Him.
  4. Pray that such preaching it would humble us, that the Law would become that schoolmaster to bring us to Christ alone and His perfection. (Romans 3.23; Gal. 3.24)
  5. Pray that the people of God would know God and Christ as omniscient, searching our very souls, knowing our thoughts, and that we would end the charade of hiding from the Lord, ignoring our own sins, deflecting guilt upon others, such that we would draw near in time of trouble seeking grace, instead of feigning ignorance. (Ps. 73.8-11; Heb. 4.12-16)
  6. Pray that there would be no brazen deniers of the deplorable estate of the Church, but that there would instead be weeping, repentance, fasting, calling upon the Lord, that the people of God would not be indifferent to the Lord’s present displeasure with His people. (Numbers 25.1-15; Isaiah 22.8-14)
  7. Pray that in confession of sin, the people of God would be valiant for the truth, humbling themselves before the Lord and His majestic holiness, remembering that He is slow to anger, abundant in truth and mercy to all who call upon Him, that they would seek to abase themselves, in order to His exaltation and glory. (Daniel 9.4-19)
  8. Pray for more days of fasting and humiliation before the Lord, rather than more days of festivity, mirth, and celebration, that we would recognize the impurities in ourselves and in the Church at large, that the Lord would grant a time of refreshment in holiness, in obedience, in seeking the Word and ways of God. (Acts 3.18-26)
  9. Pray that we might turn to the Lord in hope reformation, that He would bless us by His mercy in Christ. (Deut. 4.29-31)