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Acts 17b-18a

June 2, 2024 Series: Acts: The Continuity of the Gospels

Scripture: Acts 17:1– 18:12

Today's sermon is about the preaching of the gospel by the Apostle Paul on Mars Hill and his experiences in Corinth.

  1. The gospel on Mars Hill ​

  2. Evangelical Apologetics

    • 3 commonly taught methods of apologetics: Classical, Teleological, Ontological, Moralistic, Empirical, Presuppositional ​
  3. Paul's Apologetic

    • Paul doesn't try to prove God's existence or reason with the unbelievers ​
    • He assumes that they already know God and speaks to them about God as creator, righteous, judge, and the need for repentance ​
    • Paul uses Scripture and their own poets to convey the message of the gospel
    • This approach is called the presuppositional method of apologetics, where the word of God crushes the philosophies of the day ​
  4. Paul's Character

    • Paul departs from Athens and comes to Corinth, a metropolitan city ​
    • Paul is not only a scholar but also a tradesman, specifically a tentmaker ​
    • Paul labors with his hands to provide for his needs and makes the gospel free of charge ​
  5. Preaching in the Synagogue

    • Paul reasons and persuades both Jews and Greeks in the synagogue every Sabbath ​
    • Silas and Timothy join Paul in Corinth, and their presence encourages him to preach more boldly ​
    • Paul's preaching becomes more passionate and enveloped by the Spirit of God ​
  6. Paul Turns From the Synagogue ​

    • The Jews oppose and blaspheme against Paul's preaching of Jesus Christ as their Messiah
    • Paul declares that he will go on to the Gentiles and shakes his raiment, symbolizing his separation from the Jews
  7. Paul Continues Preaching to the Gentiles ​

    • Paul leaves the synagogue and enters the house of a man named Justus ​
    • Christus, the chief ruler of the synagogue, believes in the Lord along with his household ​
    • Many Corinthians hear Paul's message, believe, and are baptized ​
    • Paul receives a vision from the Lord, assuring him to continue speaking and not be afraid ​
    • Paul stays in Corinth for 18 months, making it a major point of operation for him in his ministry.

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