sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Prayers for the Weld County Sheriff

Let us pray for the Colorado’s Weld County Sheriff, Steve Reams and his command staff. There are four members of his command staff: Undersheriff Donnie Patch, Captain Alan Caldwell, Captain Sam Kaneta, and Captain Matt Turner. We pray that they would successfully take part in leading this county according to justice, equity, wisdom, and righteousness as commanded in the Word of the Lord.

  1. Pray for the true conversion of each member of the Command Staff that each would represent Weld County as one who will give account to God, truly and sincerely professing their allegiance to Him that their conversion and subsequent life is coupled with a desire for obedience and a growing knowledge of God’s will, such that their sincerity and love for Christ would shine through their actions and be a worthy witness even in the face of persecution and political opposition. (Colossians 1.9-13, Psalm 2.10-12)
  2. Pray that as peace officers, they would know the Word of the Lord, and perform their offices more and more according to that righteous Standard, upholding justice, and using their offices for the glory of God and the good of the people – also that they would not sear their consciences and forget the judgments of the Lord against injustice. (2 Samuel 23.1-7)
  3. Pray for the poor of the land – whom they represent - for justice for them—not in theft or robbery of others, that they should be favored because they are poor, but that their cause would not be slighted because they have less influence. (Exodus 23.1-3)
  4. Pray for that they would not be swayed by prejudice, personal advantage, inattention to duty, past afflictions and troubles, favoring of friends, etc. in the administration of their office, but would be personally disinterested in the cases they administer, and concerned for doing justice under God. (Ecclesiastes 5.8)
  5. Pray for wisdom for each that they would execute a godly office with humility, integrity, and honor as peace officers of Weld County, and that they would be given strength to oppose unjust laws from the state and federal government but that they would seek to govern the county with honor and integrity according to the Word of God. (Proverbs 3:27, 20.14, James 2:9)