sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

Training Men for the Ministry of the Gospel

Pray for the Church as she Prepares the Next Generation of Ministers (2 Timothy 2.1-18; Luke 12.41-18)

  1. Pray that Presbyteries and other Ecclesiastical authorities would take up the Biblical charge to train ministers and elders, that they would not relegate this duty to academia, but take up her responsibility with godliness. (1 Timothy 5.22)
  2. Pray for competent mentors to train according to the pure Word of the Lord, with orthodoxy, sound doctrine, good leadership, using the most Biblical practices of history, and connection to other Churches of today, that our students would receive and promote the faith once for all delivered to the saints. (Colossians 4.17)
  3. Pray that men who are unfit for Church office would not be allowed into office—that Presbyteries and other Church authorities would see the glory of Christ and the good of the flock first in selection of officers, refusing cronyism, with an eye to the care of the flock of Christ, and advancement of His Name in holiness. (1 Timothy 3.3)
  4. Pray that men in training for the ministry would learn gentleness, patience, and other personal qualities that will adorn their office as ministers of Christ—that as Christ received all kinds of folks that came to Him, so our men would learn to have godly relations to all in the Church, including the children. (Mark 10.14; 2 Timothy 2.22-26)
  5. Pray also that the men in training for the ministry would learn to be good watchmen upon the walls, that they would learn to spot trouble afar off, that they would keep the flock safe from danger, that they would be good under-shepherds of Christ, spending and being spent, sacrificing for His flock. (Acts 20.28)
  6. Pray that those in training would take up all the duties of personal piety—prayer, meditation, Scripture study, attendance upon the ordinances and services of the Church, that they would learn to deny themselves, endure hardness, and to look out for the flock, even before they are in office—that the Lord would send His Spirit to them. (2 Timothy 2.1-7)
  7. Pray that officers in training would learn frugality, generosity, diligence in their secondary calling prior to their entering upon the ministry, that they may adorn their profession; preaching, teaching and counseling. (1 Timothy 3.6)
  8. Pray that candidates for office would be good students of the Word, and the other materials used in their training, that they would not be afraid to ask questions, get counsel, learn and grow in their Christian maturity, in graces, in knowledge, in discernment between sound and unsound doctrine, under Christ, and their mentors. (1 Timothy 4.1-16)