sundays at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 4:30 PM

The Christian and Money, Avoiding Covetousness.

Pray for Church and Society, that obedience to the 10th Commandment would increase. (Joshua 7.16-26; 2 Kings 5.20-27; 1 Tim. 6.10)

  1. Pray for Christian parents, that they would train their children to do with little in this world, putting the difference between the holy and profane, training them to be rich in good works, in holiness, in Spiritual things. (Psalm 37.16)
  2. Pray that God’s people especially would have an eye to true, durable riches, and building the heavenly treasury, where moth and rust does not consume, neither thieves break through and steal, and that even when they have plenty, would be diligent to pursue spiritual wealth, growth in grace, and humility. (Matthew 6.20; 1 Timothy 6.17)
  3. Pray that we would live within our means, avoiding debt whenever possible, not desiring things we cannot afford, being ready to lend, instead of borrowing, that the Biblical maxim, that the “borrower is servant to the lender,” would govern our view of indebtedness, and also our service and lending to others in need. (Deuteronomy 15.6; Proverbs 22.7)
  4. Pray that our desires would be godly, that we would stretch for those things that make for holiness, and promote our spiritual well-being, and that we would “forget that which is behind, and press ahead for that which is before, with Christ, that we would not love this present world and its passing pleasures overmuch. (Philippians 3.8-14)
  5. Pray that the Lord would grant contentment with our earthly estate, no matter what it is, that all kinds of advancement would be undertaken in a holy way, that the Lord would free our thoughts, and our lips, from murmuring, or complaining about our earthly estate, or desiring more than we need, remembering His care over us. (Hebrews 13.5)
  6. Pray that we would rejoice at the advancement of others, being thankful for the Lord’s mercy bestowed upon them, and that we would promote the good of one another at all times. (Romans 12.15-16; Philippians 2.3-4)
  7. Pray that God’s people would work diligently in lawful callings, take a longer view of advancement through ordinary means, and would not be tempted to engage in deceptive schemes that promise rapid advancement, that the Lord would keep us from dishonest gain, that in all our earning we might be a good example to others. (Eccl. 3.13; 5.18; Ezekiel 22.13-27)
  8. Pray that we would not love money, but that we would love the Lord, His Commandments, and love one another with purity and fervency, seeking to spend and distribute what the Lord gives righteously. (1 Timothy 6.10; 1 Peter 1.22)
  9. Pray that the beauty and glory of Christ would be our sincere reward, that the riches and honor of this world would not move us from the Lord as our portion, and our exceeding great reward, having our goodly heritage in Him. (Psalm 16.1-7)